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About Simon

Mr Simon is a children's writer with strong visual storytelling skills developed in film making and theatre work. He has a natural talent for imagination, creativity, innovation, philosophical thinking and playful expression. He loves to explore, create and learn.

With these skills, he has done many things. He has been a school teacher at public State schools and Waldorf Steiner schools. He has taught drama, clowning, and theatre games to children. Simon has worked in the film and television industry in various roles including writing, directing, special effects, props making, and floor managing. He has worked with puppets, children, celebrities, lawyers and politicians. He studied and performed theatrical clowning.

For fun, Simon picked olives in Italy, and helped guide tourists around Greece and Turkey. He established a successful cultural tourism and community development project in Vanuatu helping remote villages.

Simon currently works for a software company in a variety of roles including script/blog/ad copy writing, video production, voice-over work, audio and video editing, marketing, research, and product development. He is always writing, creating, and researching. He is looking forward to publishing and sharing more stories with you through MR SIMON BOOKS.